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Always putting clients and their families first. As a VA Loan Specialist in Hawai’i, Elias can make your dream of living in paradise come true.

Hawaii VA Loans help veterans become kama’aina in Hawai’i. Join the Ohana.

Hawaii VA Loans help veterans become kama’aina in Hawai’i. Join the Ohana.

C2 Financial Corporation logo. Providing VA Loans to military homebuyers, Oahu HI. Hawaii mortgage broker, VA Loan Programs available.

Take Charge of Financing Your Dream Home on the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii VA Home Loans

Image of a veteran coming home. Home loans are an excellent way for military veterans to purchase their first property.

Discover How VA Loans Can Finance Your Dream Home

Let Elias Halvorson and the C2 Financial Corporation team help you discover the perfect new home on the Hawaiian Islands.  Our professional home loan team on Oahu is dedicated to helping you find the best VA loan to fit your needs. With expertise and local knowledge, Elias will guide you through the process and tailor your VA home loan to you or your family’s needs. Working with Elias ensures that you have a partner for life in Hawai’i Nei.

Specialized Hawaii Home Loans For Veterans

Elias Halvorson is committed to creating specialized home loans for military members both past and present. Elias and the C2 Financial Team begin the process of designing specialized veteran home mortgages by assessing service member eligibility.  As a VA mortgage expert, Elias can help provide you with the resources and steps necessary to receive a Certificate of EligibilityContact Elias today to learn more about how to qualify for a home mortgage through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Image of children of a military family at a naval dock. Elias provides VA Home Mortgage Loans to military families like this.

Hawaii VA Loan For Refinancing Your Home

Refinance your home in Hawaii with one of several VA loan programs.  If approved, eligible veteran homeowners have access to the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan.  The IRRRL gives qualified homeowners the chance to reduce the interest rate on their mortgage.  Additional programs such as the rate/term and VA cash-out options allow homeowners to borrow cash using their home’s equity or obtain improved terms on their loan.

Understanding Hawaii VA Loan Interest Rates

Hawaii mortgage interest rates depend on a wide variety of different factors, such as fluctuation, credit scores, location, down payment, and the cost of the home.  For qualified veteran homebuyers, you have access to competitive interest rates that are generally below the national average.  As a result of lower rates,  eligible homebuyers utilizing the VA home loan program, benefit from having increased purchasing power.

U.S. service members getting ready to depart. Specialized VA loans support retired and currently serving military personnel when they purchase or refinance their home.
Image of Honolulu from the mountain. Finance your perfect Hawaii home using an Oahu VA Loan.

VA Loan Limit For Eligible Veterans In Hawaii

The Department of Veterans Affairs sets the loan limits for Hawaii.  A Hawaii VA Loan Limit is the maximum amount that a qualified veteran is allowed to borrow without being required to place a down payment on a home in Hawaii. These limits can vary depending on what island and county the property is located on.

Serving military veterans and their families across all of the Hawaiian Islands

VA Loan Officer - Elias Halvorson


Oahu VA mortgage officer in Honolulu with his family

Guided by the principle of “Family First, Always” Elias’ 13-year U.S. Air Force career led him to work with C2 Financial as a VA Mortgage Broker. Elias and his family enjoy taking advantage of all the island of O’ahu offers, such as hiking, swimming, shooting hoops at the park, and spending time at the beach with friends.


Elias Halvorson, Honolulu mortgage broker, Hawaii.

As a military veteran, Elias enjoys working with all clients, but particularly enjoys helping military members and veterans with their financing needs. Still serving and having PCS’d 5 times himself, Elias understands the difficulties of a move and works to ensure the loan process is as stress-free as possible.

VA Loan Specialist

Honolulu VA Loan office where Eli works as an Oahu Loan officer for veterans

Elias has over 10 years experience in Financial Management and a diverse working experience leading a Finance Services office, managing over $1.5 billion in aid and reconstruction funds in Afghanistan, and cost and budget analysis for several large defense programs. His experience ensures he will work hard to save you as much money as possible on one of life’s largest purchases.

Want to learn more about our home loans?

Our Loan Education and Resource Center provides clients with all of the information they need to make an informed decision. Let Elias walk you through the process, help you calculate your VA loan, fees, and closing costs.

What People Are Saying about Elias.

“I trusted Elias to act in my best interest, He did. I was never in a situation where I felt uncomfortable with the outcome of the loan product presented. I did not want to experience negative repercussions or stress, Elias knew me, the right loan and ran all necessary work and interference needed and empathized when I did stress!”


“Eli was phenomenal and made the process of refinancing our home seamless. He was very friendly and kind and made us feel like a priority. We very highly recommend him!”


“Great throughout the entire process. Eli was extremely knowledgeable, communicated clearly, was laid back and wasn’t the typical high pressure sales guy. Loved the fact he is a veteran and really focuses on making sure other veterans and active duty folks are taken care of.”

Shopping center near Ko Olina condos and townhouses. Purchase your Hawaii dream home.

Weekly Mortgage Market Update

September Home Prices Fall at a Slower Pace than July/August According to Black Night, home prices fell at half the rate of July and August. Black Night is a leading provider of data and analytic solutions in the mortgage industry. FHFA’s…
Oahu houses in Manoa. VA home loans can be used by veterans to purchase a home in Manoa.

Mortgage Applications Fall for the 6th Straight Week

Despite a slight decline in mortgage rates, applications decreased for a sixth consecutive week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey for the week ending Oct. 28. "The 30-year fixed rate decreased…
Oahu home VA home mortgages can be used for properties like the ones shown in this image. Looking for a VA mortgage broker near me, look no further than Eli the VA Loan Guy

The Top Facts You Need to Know about a VA Home Loan Assumption

VA home loan assumption is easily one of the most overlooked benefits for veterans - primarily because many veterans aren’t aware that it exists, or don’t understand how the process works. However, with the right guidance, assuming a VA…
Oahu VA Loans can be used to purchase homes in Hawaii like the ones shown in this photo. Find your Hawaii dream home today.

2022 Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship

What are the Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship? Created to assist veterans and their dependents with the cost of higher education, the $2000 Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship will award four recipients $500 each to be used towards the cost of tuition…
Image of Honolulu from the mountain. Finance your perfect Hawaii home using an Oahu VA Loan.

Purchase a Home in Paradise: Why it’s Still a Great Time to Buy a House in Hawaii

Hawaii is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and lush green mountains, it's no wonder that people are still flocking to the island state and looking to buy property…

Secure Low-Interest Hawaii VA Home Mortgages

Hawaii VA Loans: An Effective Way to Secure a Mortgage in a Rising Interest Rate Market If you're a veteran or active-duty military member looking to buy a home in Hawaii, now is the time to act. The current interest rate market is shifting,…
Hawaii habit for humanity volunteers. The Oahu habitat for humanity helps veterans in need of affordable housing. As a Honolulu mortgage broke Elias helps veterans and service members find the best VA loan options with low-interest rates.

Volunteer Opportunities for Helping Veterans in Hawaii

It’s national volunteer week in the US, and there’s no better time to look at the ways we can give back to our communities. No matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time volunteer, it’s an excellent opportunity for helping…
Image representing the home buying process for veterans living in Hawaii. VA home loan tips.

Hanging chads of the homebuying process in Hawaii

A few idiosyncrasies in this current market and here on Oahu Appraisal clause – One thing much less common in normal markets, but something Veteran buyers utilizing their VA home loan benefit now usually need to include is an appraisal…
Image of a new home. The homebuying process for many veteran first time homebuyers can be a daunting task, VA mortgage brokers are here to assist.

The home buying process for first-time home buyers

The home buying process for first-time home buyers is usually a daunting task, whether a veteran/member utilizing their VA home loan benefit or individuals buying a home via conventional financing. It is even more complicated if you are not…

The VA home loan program provides numerous benefits over other types of loans.

The VA home loan program provides numerous benefits over other types of loans. If you are a veteran and looking to buy a house, this is the best, quickest, and most cost-effective option for you. The application process is simple, and a pre-approval…

Using geopolitical events to time your refinance

So many times we have clients who apply for a streamlined refinance, but for whatever reason, they are hesitant to pull the trigger. Maybe their current rate is at 3.75% but doing a VA Streamline refinance or Hawaii IRRRL to reduce their rate…
Estimate the purchase price of homes like this with our Hawaii mortgage calculator. For a detailed estimate consult with a local mortgage broker, Honolulu Hawaii.

Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage Loan

I was planning on writing about the mortgage process, steps to best prepare for buying a home, etc. However, the recent Omicron variant has led to another, potentially the last spike down for interest rates before they start to march upwards.…

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