2022 veterans of Hawaii scholarship

Aloha! We warmly welcome you to the prestigious 2022 Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship Program. We actively honor and support the brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation and called the beautiful islands of Hawaii their home.

What are the Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship?

VA mortgage refinancing on Oahu is available to service members like the one shown in the picture. Active-duty homeowners are able to refinance mortgages in Hawaii with an existing VA Loan.Created to assist veterans and their dependents with the cost of higher education, the $2000 Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship will award four recipients $500 each for tuition at a college or university in Hawaii. While federal tuition programs and the GI Bill assist with paying the tuition cost for military veterans, financial gaps often need to be filled.

Empowering Veterans through the Hawaii Scholarship Initiative and Beyond

Initiative programs such as the Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship aim to close the remaining gaps by offering veterans opportunities to access additional funding for tuition expenses not covered by the GI Bill or other federal tuition assistance programs. Moreover, aside from financial assistance programs and scholarships, veterans and their family members may also benefit from some of the tuition discounts provided by educational institutions.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

To begin with, eligible applicants for the scholarship must submit a 400 to 600-word essay describing how military service affected them or their families. Furthermore, to qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be a veteran of the armed forces or a dependent of a service member. They should be attending or planning to attend a university or college in Hawaii during the 2022-2023 school year.

Deadline and Announcement Details

Firstly, submit your qualifying essay by October 1st, 2022. Next, mark your calendars for the announcement of the four chosen recipients for this year’s Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship on October 31st, 2022. Lastly, apply for the 2022 scholarship by visiting the Veterans of Hawaii page here.

About the Scholarship Sponsor

Elias Halvorson created the Veterans of Hawaii Scholarship to help military veterans and their families succeed in pursuing higher education. He understands many families’ challenges, such as deployments, relocating to new duty stations, and re-adjusting to civilian life after the military. Adjusting to civilian life presents its own set of issues like unemployment or homelessness. This transition to civilian life can frequently be alleviated by pursuing higher education. 

In addition, Elias understands that higher education costs can create barriers for veterans and their families. He believes in increasing college accessibility and is excited to give back through the scholarship. Elias hopes it will grow over time as a token of gratitude for their service.